Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I Just Want The Brownies To Bake...

It has been one of those days where the time crawls, or flies really fast and I've fallen behind. Nothing get done (at least the way it is suppose to) and I'm just floundering.

I am so ready to pull my hair out, and possibly shed a couple of tears.  Not that I am one for crying but I am in the mood for a "Good Cry," not that I really have anything to cry about.  :P 

I suppose I could say that my bad day really started last night with my two younger boys yelling at the neighbours who had friends over (no it wasn't even a party) to "Shut up!"  I smacked myself in the forehead over this one.  I know that they might have gotten confused due to  another neighbour having a pool party on a weekday night complete with actual and constant screaming from their guests, however this was nothing like it. 

So making brownies was on my to do list and have the boys go over and apologize with them.  This making brownies has taken all day!

I woke up with a headache that turned into a migrain.  I don't get them often thank goodness, and Advil helps make it at least bearable.  My daycare kids arrived, and I served grill cheese sandwiches for lunch without incident.

I did what I wanted to do today for the most part, and my kids weren't bad, a little loud perhaps but gentle reminders that if they didn't cease the yelling I'd be taking their DSI's away worked.

The kids went with me to Svetec Farm where they could run around catching chickens, petting goats and play in their yard.  It took longer than I had thought to get my order, but the kids were happy playing while we waited.  I just don't know where the rest of the day went.  Phone calls, running a quick errand for my sister and still at 10 minutes to 7pm the brownies will not cook.  They are still in the oven and I still want to decorate them.

I need sleep, a good night sleep without any adoption worries.   I started the brownies at 4:30, I don't know how they managed to take this long, I did put Preston in a "Time In" there were more phone calls, and a few arguements but I still have unbaked brownies, and the oven is working fine.

I haven't even started dinner yet, I just want to say stick a toothpick in me, "I'm done," but alas I am no batch of brownies, (or maybe I am).   And so I'll go and make dinner, and hope it won't take as long as these dang brownies.

***Brownies were made at last and decorated at 8:30pm but no one was home.  Good Grief!  Dinner was a bust, my chicken quesdillas (sp?) were way too spicy for the kids so we ended up doing something we've tried really hard not to and ordered in. 

It's days like this were I just adore my husband.  He makes the screw ups so easy to bear, and is everything I need to get through them.  God I love him.

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