Monday, 8 August 2011

The Culinary Experience...

The past couple of days I’ve been pulling Ukrainian recipes off the internet in an effort to learn more about the culture. 

I’ve made Borsch (Beet soup).  The family didn’t care for it much, so I added a couple of beef bouillon cubes.  The next day when I served the leftovers every single one of them came back for seconds and then thirds. 

The Ukrainian Apple cake came out very well, and today I plan to make Lazy Vareniki,  or  Khrustyky (Sweet Nothings) I haven’t decided just yet.

As for other Ukrainian foods I am not sure what else to go for.  I know Cabbage rolls and Perogries are popular but I plan on buying them from the corner store which is a European deli meat market, as they make far better cabbage rolls than I can. 

Breads...My mother was known for her breads, unfortunately I never had her skill.  So I use breadmakers (I have three, because with five people to feed it does make sense) on the dough setting and transfer to loaf pans.  I always feel like I’m cheating but at least it always comes out perfectly.  It would be great if I could find the Ukrainian egg bread in a bread machine recipe.

As for other foods I am a little stumped, I am not certain what I am making, and when or what is it for (Christmas, Easter, Dinner, Breakfast)?  The Lazy Vareniki? Is it a side dish or a meal on its own?  It's like a cheese dumpling and says to serve with sour cream, butter and sugar.  The Khrustyky I’m assuming is a snack or dessert.  
Despite my lack of knowledge about the mentioned dishes, and the dishes I have yet to disover, I am having a blast in the kitchen.  For me this is all part of the fun of it. 

I have already order “Festive Ukrainian Cooking” that has 5 star reviews on Amazon.  I can’t wait to get it, until then the internet is my guide.
Happy Cookings!

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