Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Russian Overload, learning the language.

After months of practicing speaking Russian, and learning sentences like:

I understand you.
I do not understand you.
Help us understand.
Are you hungry or thristy?
What hurts?
Did you have fun?
Days of the week
Drinks Tea, coffee, milk, water, juice, pop
May we see...the menu, manager, director
It's very hot,
Thank you,
I love you.
We have three boys.
We have a dog and a cat.
It's all good.
How are you? (With all the acceptable responses.)
What is your name?
You are a beautiufl little girl.

and so much more.

Apart of me wants to stop, give it a rest.  I love learning the language, though my mind is tired of it.  However, I know that if I do stop I will lose some of it.  Oddly enough I am starting to learn to read it, (or at least starting to sound out the words if not fully understand them), and can now make my own simple sentences. 

Last week I learned that verbs have a different endings depending on the person(s) you are referring too. (I, she/he, They, you) And they have a lot of ways to say "to go"  all of which depends on if you are with someone, how you are getting there, what you are carrying. 

I wasn't aiming to be fluent, and honestly I never expected to take it this far.  I am glad I did, and will continue to do so, though by the time we adopt I expect I really won't be fluent, but I think I will have an incredible understanding of their vocabury.

I just hope I don't suffer from burnout.

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