Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Adoption Practitioner 2nd meeting...

Wow and wow!

We had are second meeting with our adoption practitioner and I am more than a little put out.  I didn't mind that she seem a little disorganized, and that our meeting wasn't a meeting at all rather an exchange of papers.  However, she went through my medical file and asked about my diabetes, if it is under control (which is and has been for the past two months ~ I am newly diagonsed) and then she said she was going to put in her recomndation that I loose weight during the homestudy process.

I am overweight, obese even, and I will be the first to admit it.  She didn't even ask if I had been losing weight (which I have been with my doctor's supervision).  It is going off slower then I would like, but it is going down.  She told me I should be doing the South Beach Diet, repeatedly.  I've heard of it, but the fact that I am now diabetic and I have my blood sugar levels under control (finally ~ after attending a diabetic education session) she wants to throw a book at me when I've already been struggling with the life changes which involves diabetes.  Jeesh! 

To have her say, 'I'm doing this for your own good," was a real slap in the face.  Not a wake up call if that is how she was intending it to be, the diabetes was a wake up call.  I know in the long run I will be healthier, but the fact that she was so self righteous about my weight, "saying if she can do it anyone can." As if I need my own personal failure rubbed in my face, and the twenty pounds I've lost in the past four months means nothing.

This was just insulting, and yet I have to admit (albeit begrudgingly) she is right, I do need to lose the weight, but for my own health, and not because I am applying to adopt. 

The new lifestyle I've embraced helps, I've made a point of sticking with portion size, we don't eat a lot of fried, high fat, red meat foods.  I am not as active as I would like to be, due to a knee injury a year ago that still bothers me, but I go for walks, we love hiking through the bush and last weekend I even ran a bit a long the trail. We are an active family, and do lots of things outdoors. 

So I am not going to do her "South Beach Diet" and I will be sticking with what the diabetic educators, and what my nutrist recomends.  I will continue to eat very little potatoes, and staying away white breads, and pasta, and continue to make the better choices.  I will commit to be more dedicating to increasing my execrise. Next week I have to meet up with her again.   Maybe I should make an appt for lipposuction. LOL

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