Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Still putting pieces together...

There hasn't been much to write about these past few days.  At least not about our adoption proceedings.  We have our third meeting with our adoption practioner and than it is the home meeting.  Our house is almost ready to pass inspection.  I just need to purchase a lock box for our medicine and organizing my collections of loose papers.  I loathe dealing with papers.  I find it very satisfying to go through a handful of them and discovering the ones I can actually toss into the recycling bin. 

But as for this meeting, there is 44 questionaire. The first 20 Dale and I had to answer individually, and it was emotionally draining for me.  Dale's family might as well have been "The Cleavers," from "Leave it to Beaver".   Just picture June Cleaver with black hair and that is Dale's mom right down to the dresses she wore, and still does.

The stuff about my present was easy, but digging through childhood memories wasn't pleasant at all. 

How sad is it that I don't have one truly happy memory of my me and mother.  I know she was happy when she was visiting friends, and had friends over.  I know we made Jell-o once when I was really little, but even that I recall a tension in my belly.  She wasn't a happy person to say the least.  I think I summed it up best when I said she liked the idea of being a mom, but resented the work involved. 

Being a mom is work, it can be gruelling, and you will be unappreciated at times, but also it can be a whole lot of fun if you put the effort into it.  I find myself suckered into a game of Zingo, (like Bingo) with Preston and Cyrus, but there is something delightful about sitting at the dinning room table and playing Sorry, or another board game.  Some days the kids want to play Monopoly, and we have the game set out for days, playing an hour or so every evening, until someone wins, or they loose interest.

In fact as I am writing this, I do feeling like playing "Sorry".  Preston and Cyrus had a sleepover in Preston's room, and the two of them were up late giggling and talking.  "I'm tempted to wake them up to play, but alas I'll guess I'll let themselves wake up on their own, maybe after breakfast...or maybe not, as I did promise to take them fishing this morning. 

All well, there is always time after dinner.

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