Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Last bits of Paper for Home Study


I can't believe it has taken this long to get our papers together for the homestudy report.  Dale still needs his Interpol report from the two years he lived in Holland.  One of my friends didn't send in her forms, (it was an exetremely busy Summer for her), and Dale is waiting on another friend to fill out forms for him (it turns out that you can't have recommendations from the same household).  All well, that is how things go.

Still it is at the nail biting stage for me.  We are so close to having step one completed, and then it is a couple of months till we get approval from the Ontario Government then another set of papers to be gathered that the agency needs.  I am hoping for a very speedy part two.  It has been a draining part one. Once we have the papers handed in, our adoption practitioner will do the home visit and meet with the boys. 

I wanted to be done this stage weeks ago!

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