Sunday, 7 August 2011

Embracing the Ukraine ...

My husband and I have been floundering when it comes to religion.  Several years ago we left our church which was a heart breaking decision (I’m not going into details as to why).  Needless to say this has left our internal compasses in terms of religion spinning.  We’ve put off going to other churches, mainly because I guess we were still in mourning over leaving our beloved church.  
However, with adopting a girl from the Ukraine, we are completely open to attending a Ukraine church.  And yesterday we entered into a Ukraine Orthodox Catholic church.  It was very unusual compared to what we are normally used to.  I was pleased to hear that they have Sunday school, Ukrainian dances, church outings and even a weeklong camp in the summer months for the children.

Personally I can’t see us joining anything just yet, and there is another Ukrainian church in our area that we are going to visit.  The parish we went to yesterday had maybe seven people in attendance including us.  It was a Saturday service but we went to it because it was mixed English and Ukrainian sermon, I think we’ll aim for a Sunday Service at the next one.    

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