Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hosting Not Cancelled Now???

Okay, we have a window.  I received a call from the Ukrainian Summer Vaccation Program cordinator and has spoken with another family who signed up.  They've offered to still do the hosting program, and take on the extra cost that would have been split up between the others families who backed out.  If we go on with this, it does mean that we will have to cough up another grand.   Dale is thinking about this, because we have a few concerns now.  I know that part of the cost of this program covers the plane tickets for the children as well as their representatives from the Orphage who travels with them, passports, lugagge, medical insurance, etc.  

It seems a little strange that last years program was $2,800, (which we missed) and with these new changes has now almost doubled.

I know Dale really does want to do the hosting program so we'll be discussing it tonight.

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