Thursday, 7 April 2011

To Crochet or Not Crochet...100 Dish Clothes

With my house being filled up to the ceiling with garbage bags and boxes full of things to sell at a garage sale we’re planning in June, which will also include a bake sale, I picked up crocheting again.  I haven’t crochet in twenty years or more.   I found a website on the internet for a free online dishcloth pattern and I crocheted my first dishcloth today.  It took about 4 hrs or so with interruptions, and half way through it I managed to get a uniform stitch going.  I did much better this afternoon, compared to when I was in grade three when I kept making shawls and capes for my dolls, because every time I did a scarf they always curled inward.  :P
My plan is to sell handcrafted dishcloths at our bake sale.  Have them wrapped up with ribbons in coordinating bundles of three and sell them for $6.00 each.  I am going to make 100 dish clothes before June 4th and including today I have 59 days to do it!  Unfortnately I’m keeping the one I made this afternoon for myself because it is just too bad to part with.  Thank goodness the later half was at least 80% better.

If anyone is interested in the pattern I'm using, here is the link

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