Friday, 8 April 2011

Adoption Practitioner Hired...

We finally did it!

We opened our adoption bank last night.  We were near our estimation of somewhere between $500 & $700 striking pretty close to dead centre at $605.  It’s not much in terms of the bigger picture but it will pay for some of the adoption expenses.  When paying for an adoption without trying to go into debt too much you have to look at the smaller numbers.  $700 will cover the cost of meeting with an adoption practitioner and the agency registration fee.  Still we have a long way to go.

Today we met with an elderly lady who seem pleased that we were considering adopting an older chidl and asked if we knew about Attachment Disorders, which of course we can both say yes too.  Though we were considering an older child, she did make it clear that the age we are looking to adopt needs to be two years younger than Cyrus.  Which of course is fine with me, though I know Dale wants a child a little older, and Cyrus really wanted a child the same age as him.  Preston doesn't seem to have a preference and whenever I ask Alex for his thoughts, his response is, "It's your choice.  It doesn't matter."    I'm happy with a 6 or 7 year old, I'd even consider a teenager, if she was a good fit, but Ontario has strict adoption practices for international adoption. 

Our adoption practitioner was excited to hear about the Ukraine Summer Vacation Program that we are signing up for, and seemed eager to help us get ready for it.  We learned that we have to go to the RCMP to get fingerprints & because Dale lived in Holland for two years he needs to get his record, or lack of record,  from there as well.

So far we have our first stack of paper work to go through.  The question is how fast can we do it and how fast can I get our next appointment?

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