Monday, 9 January 2012

Schoolitis Anyone? (When a Child Fakes Being Sick A Lot!)...

From Math attacks to making himself throw up, what is one to do with a child who refuses to go to school?   And when I do send him he often calls home complaining of being sick. 

I believe in school, I often tell my kids it is the best thing they can do for themselves when they complain about it.  I attend parent teacher meetings, even for my high school child.  (I was shocked to learn that none of the LD parents made the effort to speak with their child's intergraded teachers).  I am a firm believer that words without actions mean nothing.  It is one thing to say school is important, but by God they will know "what" and "how" they do at school matters to me.
It is harder for them due to their learning disabilities, and Cyrus is struggling, he is in a regular grade 4 class with an IEP (indivual Education Plan) and has extra support.  Though, I don’t object to the occasional day off, which rarely happens and even then it is Alex, faithful in his attendance, who asks for it.   Cyrus is missing about 1 day a week.  
I used to do lunch dates with my kids in rotating shifts, once a month so they can have some special one on one time with me.  However, I haven’t been able to do since my youngest is constantly (and sometimes Preston) is  playing sick.
I know Grade 4 is hard, but the fact that he is making himself sick has me concerned.  I’ve called the school a couple of times and spoke with his teacher.  This morning, however, after another plea and a bucket line with chucky spit accompanied with empty wretchings, I called and spoke with the special education teacher. 
It is amazing how a phone call to the right person can change things. I really hope it works out better for Cyrus.  We did come up with a plan that Cyrus would come see her first thing in the morning, instead of going straight to his regular class, as he seems to thrive better with her.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that things will be going better now.  Next year we both are hoping that Cyrus will go into a smaller class that will lessen his anxiety.  But for now, we will have to wait and see.

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