Thursday, 19 January 2012

Potty Mouths ARGGGHHHH...

What do you do when your child don't stop swearing? 

I have had it!  I've used the swear jar which they outsmarted and started to put money into it just so they COULD SWEAR!  Good Grief.  After that it was bye-bye Swear Jar.

Next it was if you use a potty mouth you have to clean the kitty's potty.  They threw up, and ended that clever consquence.

Reasoning doesn't work, telling them I don't like it doesn't work. 

Now my eldest swears when he thinks I'm not listening, but does it softly, and my youngest shouts it when I'm not around but I can still hear it. 

I get that they pick it up in school, but I am just frustrated.  I don't like grounding them over it, but I might have to, I believe that punishments should really fit the crime. And I don't consider soap in the mouth an option.

There is something tragic about a ten year old whose language is better suited to sailors and roofers, instead of child.

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