Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Buying For Our Child...

I started shopping today, and I'm so proud of myself that I didn't go over board.  The reading that I've done suggests buying clothes here, as they are more expensive in the Ukraine.  But how does one go about shopping for a child when you only have a hit and miss guess as to what size they are?

I hit the clearance rack at Walmart.  I figured that whatever didn't fit could be donated to the orphanage.  I am assuming that we may be getting a girl around the 8 year mark, but we have been approved for as young as 5.  That's a big jump in sizes.  I figured if things were a little too big she'd grow into it, but for now I purchased two pairs of jeans, size 7 & 5, two tops, a hoodie, and a package of socks and underwear. 

It was a very surreal experience knowing that I was buying clothes for a daughter that I've never even met.   It's not like picking out baby clothes, where you know pretty much everything will fit at some point, and they won't care what colour it is, or if it has kittens or hearts on it.  It should have been enjoyable, and it kind was, but it felt frustrating at the same time.  It wasn't the same as shopping for my nieces, when I know their hair and eye colour, and style would best suit their body type.  There is a certain satistfaction in finding that one outfit that you know will look great on someone special, and instead I felt like my purchases will have to make do.

So while I have to accept my "make do purchases" for now,  it does bring a smile to know that it won't be forever.

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  1. Good guess....the 8 year old boys we have hosted in the summer and winter were wearing 6's in summer and 7's this winter. :-)