Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Certificate of Proptery Ownership???

A wrench has hit us square in the forehead.  At least that is how it seemed. 

Our good ole' city folk at City Hall, have no clue as to what this document is.  They refused to type us out at letter stating that it isn't their policy to do such a thing.  I guess not many people in our town adopt from the Ukraine.  However, Dale got in touch with one of the city councillors and YES!  We have someone who understands, and cares. 

The city councillor we got in contact with is familiar with the requirements of Eastern European countries (as well as international adoption! ) and has been working with the City Clerk's Office to help get things smoothed out for us.  I recieved a call today letting us know that the letter we require is on the Clerk's desk just waiting to be picked up.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything is the way it should be.

Now I'm off to bed, before my head hits the keyboard.  Night All!


  1. This one has been a bit annoying for us as well. (But we are renting right now) Our property manager was really resistant to signing anything that listed the square footage of our house on it....we still haven't worked it out yet. :-/

    I'm glad you guys have though!

  2. Thanks for your comment Jo. We will find out today, when we pick it up at the clerk's office. The City Councillor we are dealing with figured out with the Clerk's office that they can use our tax information. I hope this will be of use to other Canadians who are adopting from the Ukraine.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they got it right.

    All my best to you both, and plenty of good luck!