Friday, 23 September 2011

Netherlands Police Check ~ Certicate of Good Conduct or VOG

Yes! and Finally!

We found someone who knows what we, rather Dale is suppose to do.  It was extremely frustrating trying to find someone who would get back to us on what it was we needed to do.  But with the help of someone from the Dutch embassy we managed to get back on track.  They sent us a link that had the appropriate forms to be filled out. 

The only glitch was our adoption practitioner said that she wasn't suppose to do the form letter we needed and that the agency had to do it.

Then our agency said that the adoption practitioner was to do it.  (images of another bout of ping pong with people danced before my eyes.)  So I emailed them both copying each other on what the other said and took myself out of the equation. 

The end result was that my adoption practitioner had the form that the agency needed and Voila! Cooperation!

Dale now has the form ready to send and it is another item checked off our list.

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