Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ukraine Adoption Update...(Netherlands Interpol check)

Does twiddling your thumbs count?

It is the waiting part that I find so tedious.  I called our agency worker yesterday to give her an update on our status which is pretty much the same.  Waiting on papers, but what is killing us is that Dale is having an extremely diffcult time trying to track down who to contact in regards to an Interpol check for the two years he was in Holland for.

No one is emailing us in regards to what is needed and how to go about this process so we can get it done.  Dale has done both the Dutch embassy here, the Canadian embassy there, the Netherland's version of the RCMP, and so far his requests have been met with silence. 

Our adoption practitioner says that it is a relatively quick process but it would be awesome if we could figure out who to contact so we can get started with the "quick" process. 

So we are at a total stand still until we can get this sorted out. 


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