Sunday, 12 June 2011

Fundraising Yard Sale...A week away.

Wow, Wow and WOW!  This coming Saturday we are planning to host our Yard & Bake Sale.  I have half a house filled, and them some with donated goods.  The generosity of people can be so profound; I received an email last week from someone who had a couple of things for me to pick up.  Her parents had moved to a retirement home and she wanted what was left over to go to a good cause.  I went over expecting a couple of boxes and I left with a van full of dishes, appliances and more house wares.  My main donator has been my best friend who practically gave me her house, well not the house, or the major appliances but almost everything else in it. 

I planned to spend this week doing a baking marathon; however, the City threw a wrench in my plans as I have been drafted for jury selection.  Not that I mind doing my civic duty, I just mind the inconvenience it may bring.  If the kids were older, and, well... more socially stable I wouldn’t have to worry.  Preston has a knack of getting an idea in his head thinking it is funny and it is just wrong.  I have imagines of the police coming to my house because Preston’s decided to serenade the neighbours with his horns, or just screaming at the passing cars for going too fast.  Thank goodness he got over mooning strangers a few years back.

Think of Benny & Joon with an ADHD Mr. Bean, and that is my Preston.  Cheerful, delightful, thinks outside the box and certainly marches to his own drum. 

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