Friday, 17 June 2011

Doctors 1 Albers 4...

Please let us count off the excuses...

We're going to mail them,
We did mail them,
We haven't mailed them, it will be done on Wednesday. 
We couldn't read the address.
We didn't know if they were willing to pay for them to be mailed (after we already told them we would).
We did mail them and it was returned. 

Yesterday  was a real kicker when I went to my doctor's appt, and the secretary informed me that she received a fax from our former doctor's secretary saying that she knew they had requested files but couldn't remember the names of those who requested it.  ???

We did it though! Dale made a special 1 1/2 hour trip to our old doctor's office, went to Staples to pick up toner for them, and waited around for several hours while they photo copied our files. He brought home mine, his and two of our three children. It is beyond the point of being insane to have Dale arrive and get the full truth that they haven't even started copying them???

Dale was happy to see our beloved doctor at the front desk instead of the Nitwits she hired.  The Nitwits came in later, and were taken back to see him standing there.  I'm just happy, so very happy, to have the files in our possession.

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