Saturday, 18 June 2011

Exhausted, Tired and Done!

Our garage sale happened today.  It went okay.  We still have about half the stuff we put out not including the stuff we didn’t.   Things we thought would sell quickly didn’t sell at all, and things we didn’t think would sell sold.  It was a backwards kind of day it seemed, and a great learning experience for all.  This was our first garage sale ever.

The boys worked supper hard, our youngest was out there most of the time, staying seated at the Bake Sale table we put up with an umbrella overhead.  The Bake Sale did better than I thought it would.  I kept it simple with chocolate jumbles, macaroons, chocolate dipped pretzels, two types of muffins, peanut butter cookies, and banana bread.  We also sold water.  We have yet to ring in the total, but I am satisfied with our efforts.  We didn’t bring in a profound amount of money.  Met lots of nice people, and got to know the neighbours a little better which is always a good thing.

I picked up too much sun, and despite my efforts to keep cool and seek shade it wasn’t enough.  I had to bail out just when we started packing up, due to a killer headache and nausea, and Dale ended up putting what didn’t sell back in the garage.  Poor guy!  The boys helped a little with the clean up, but knowing Dale, he finds it faster to do things himself.
I'm still feeling a little queasy so I'm going to end here.

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