Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Final Tally is in...

Well we did okay.  My goal was $300.00 (though I hoped for more)  We made $285.00, including the bake sale which brought in $42.00.

Things I would change:

More tables.  We had three, I think 6 would have been better.
Less clothes
Take things out of boxes. ( which I would have done if I had more tables.)  As it was I set most of the items where I could, and filling up spaces as items sold.
Have more craft items, yarn and sewing kits went like hot cakes. Fabric not so much.
Tools ~ did well too.

And it wouldn't hurt to have another body to help out.  Two adults weren't enough when one of us had to get out of the sun.

 I honestly wish I had made more banana nut bread, because they sold within minutes of being brought out.

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