Saturday, 10 December 2011

Waiting to start Part 2 (completing the dossier)...

Things have been quiet on the adoption side of things.  We are just in a holding patterned for the most part until our adoption agency tells us when we can start working on paper work.   I know people said the adoption process is a long one, but somehow I had hoped that things would be faster for us.  It certainly didn’t help that our former family doctor’s office put a 2 month delay on us and then another “friend” delayed us another few  weeks on top of it.   

I was hoping for a late winter or spring adoption but I am not certain it will happen before summer hits.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and my spirit in good faith.  I feel so close to having a daughter in our home for Christmas, and the fact that I don’t puts a damper on me this year.  I enjoy my boys’ excitement at this time of year, and there are plenty of giggles and laughter going around, but that feeling of not being a complete family sticks like a thorn in my heart.
If I don’t write more this month, let me say Happy Holidays to all, and may your holiday celebrations be filled with all the happiness the season has to offer. 

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