Thursday, 24 November 2011

Coming up to the year mark...

It was almost a year ago that we decided to adopt internationally (even though I had long to adopt from the Ukraine).

This has been a long process with many hidden debts, stalling, disappointments and heart breaks (and we haven't even started dealing with the Ukraine side of things).  We finally have our papers being sent to the adoption minstery, and have been informed that a Government office (unclear if it is ours or the Ukraine's) will be closed for the month of December.  It looks like we've got our papers in the nick of time, and I am not complaining. 

Thank goodness for Christmas.  I throroughly enjoy the season, not so much the reglious side of it, I must confess, as I view it more of a season of giving, being kind to your fellow man and so forth.  I know life should be like that all the time, though too often most of us our caught up in our own lives.  Having a season that encourages people to take a kinder look to one another is a magical thing to me.  If every day was Christmas, what a world we would create.

A part of me feels a great saddenss in my heart that this year I don't have our daughter celebrate with.  I was hoping to that it could happen, but the fates decreed that this year was not to be.  Still I can't help the images of belting out Silver Bells with my sons and daughter while we bake Christmas goodies.

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