Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Moment to Share....

As we are getting ready for Christmas the boys have been excited as they know they we'll be getting a new game system (just not which one) and it has been a heated topic of debate between them.  While his two older brothers were in another arguement over what games they would purchase with their Christmas money at the kitchen table, Cyrus asked what my favourite colour was.  I told him purple, but lately I've been into pink, making a joke about how I have to make up for all the boyishness in the house.

Cyrus laughed and said, "don't worry mom you won't be alone cause we're getting a sister."  His expression because serious and then he said, "you know what Mom, I love her already."

I hugged him and and told him that I do too.  It touches my heart to see how open he is to having a sister to share his life with.  I know I shouldn't be surprised, as Cyrus has been asking for a sister since he was in kindergarten, but this is the first time I've heard him him say this.

Merry Christmas Everyone & Have a Rock'n New Year!

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