Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Revaluating again...

After learning about RAD, and being a firm believer in keeping siblings together at all costs, I stumbled across an article where a social worker adopted 3 siblings all with serious attachment disorders.  From what more I’ve read on dealing with siblings groups with RAD, they often undermine each other as well as the parents.  It is a constant battle of trying to make progress and damage being done which interrupts or even prevents the healing process. 
If we could be guaranteed two sisters with healthy attachments, it would help us ease our misgivings, but as some of you with an adopted RADical child know, it doesn’t always work out the way you hope. 
If you have one healthy child, or even two, parenting can be a little chaotic, parenting 3 children keeps your head spinning.   Fortunately for me I thrive on being kept on my toes, and I enjoy the adventures children bring into our lives.
So there is it is in black and white, while I live in a world of grey.   We’ve changed our minds and are planning on adopting a single child.  My heart weeps a little for I longed to have two daughters, but there is nothing stopping us from going through this again.  So the dream isn’t gone, just altered, and with this in mind, we’re signing up for the Ukraine hosting program this summer, while we work to get our home study under way.
  I’ve already contacted two adoption practitioners.  One can’t take us on, and the other hasn’t gotten back to us after two days now, so I’ve crossed her off my list.   

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