Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Onto 3rd Visit...

Okay Trolls...Save your negative comments and go read an older post to which I've dedicated a blog just for you.

We didn't go see a second child and opted to move ahead with a third visit.  There was a couple of girls that sparked our interest but the person we were dealing with insisted that one of the girls was so mentally delayed she's started to regress and that she would never speak.

 (One of the problems is hearing that children don't speak is very common here, in fact a couple we've been in contact with, thanks to my tutor,who adopted a boy from the Ukraine was told he would didn't speak.  The boy walked into the room and said HI).

The fact that we were told the girl was regressing made me question what was going on as there could be a lot of reasons for this regression, and I wanted time to confer with my Aunt who is respected in the world of child mental health and helping children with both mental and phyiscal disabilties.  We decided we would not visit a child and move onto our third appointment as we quickly learned that the other girl who sparked our interest had a habit of strangling cats.  Considering we have pets at home and other children we decided against this girl.  We do wish her well tho.

If there are no more proposals for girls in our age group on our last visit (we have only been approved for ages 5-8 which is a very tight window) we will go and see the regressing/not speaking girl and decide if we would be right for her.

Thank you to all who have been praying, keeping postive thoughts, sending good wishes and blessings our ways. May God Bless You All!

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