Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I love Kiev!  It is small compared to Toronto (which is a plus for me) and the driving here makes me never want to step inside a car but I have fallen in love with the city.  There is a charm to the city that makes smile, with hidden gems down newly discovered streets around us.  As a lover of the old world and this is my first time setting foot across the ocean and I am not disappointed.

Today Dale & I just sat in the middle of the square and took in the sights while we were waiting for a bus tour that didn't happen.  The statues, and moments alone are simply breathtaking, but for me it is a staircase that winds down into a lower street that has an arched passageway set into the wall.  The passage way has long since been blocked up but there is a poetic charm to it that inspires my imagination.

The countryside isn't that different than then Canada, but the houses are gated in, and to all my suburban friends in the villages it is very common to see chickens in the patch of grass in front of the gates.  There are goats, cows, sheep, geese, and the occasional turkey too.  The fields are unmarked by fences and shepherds are often seen tending to their herds.

The Ukraine is a beautiful country, with horse drawn wagons, it is a mix of old and new with a less regulated society.  I am enjoying myself immensely and the food here is wonderful.  I am glad I learned Russian it has been helpful in naviagating around but even Dale who didn't study nearly as much is muddling his way around just fine.


  1. Veronica, we adopted our children from the Donetsk region of Ukraine five years ago. I highly recommend this region if at all possible. Over the years, we have watched several adoptions from there--all were successful. At the time of their adoption, our daughter was 9 and our son was 4. Like you, I fell in love with Kiev and the culture. In my mind, Ukraine is beautiful, simple, and raw all at once. I think this side of the world could learn alot from them.

    Your journey is not an easy road and it is apples to oranges compared to having children biologically. Yet, your family will be a blessing and be blessed by the child who will join your family.

    With prayers for you.

    1. Thank you,and we will certainly keep the region in mind for our next appointment. I have to agree with your comments about the Ukraine, there is a rawness to it that is lost to North America.

    2. Veronica, here is a link with photos of the Children's Home in Mariupol where we know of successful adoptions.


  2. Just read your blog from archives to now and wanted to wish you all the best. I look forward to following along with your family as you make your dream come true