Saturday, 12 May 2012

First Strike out...

We are on our way back to the Kiev, sigh.  We met one of the sweetest 6yr old girls who reminded me very much of a foster child who stayed with us until she was adopted.  The girl we saw was healthy, had an engaging personality, but she was delayed mentally I'd classify her with a moderate to severe delay.  She didn't talk, or at least she could say Ma and cluck her tounge,and she undestood most of what was being said.  She seemed to take in everything.  Her story is very similar to the foster child I compare her too, and though she is delayed, it was my opinion that with the right set of parents she could become moderate to high functioning in society.

She has been in the orphange since she was just over 3yrs, and was very much like a six month old infant developmentally when they received her.

 However, Dale who doesn't have the same experience with special needs children wasn't convinced.  I'm not saying that I am an expert, She has made progress within the orphanage, she can feed, dress herself, is toilet trained, and walking, (albiet she is still a little clumsy).  She is very eager to please and showed herself to be patient with herself and those around her with not a single sign of aggression which is all too common in children with such a delay, in my books this is highly in her favour!  She didn't get frustrated when the stacking cups she was trying to attempt wasn't going well.  The orphanage personal did admit that she isn't getting all the help she needs from them.  I would have been willing to work with her, but Dale wasn't comfortable so I concided. 

We both need to be in agreement, but whoever parents this girl will have one of the most rewarding experiences in their life.  I am praying very hard for this child.

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