Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Preparing for Home Study Visit...

After finally getting the VOG (certificate of Good Conduct) forms to the Netherlands, we are schedule to have our home visit from our adoption practitioner next week. 

 I know when we went through this the first time around I was obsessed  with having the house perfect and that turned out to be a disaster of a visit.   The house was immaculate but the kids were too stressed out and nervous.  Their learning disabilities and behaviour hit the fan so to speak,  not that they were bad, but having Cyrus ask if he can have a glass of wine to drink, (which never happens) left me so flabbergasted I didn’t know  to say.  Needless to say I am not making that mistake again, I will remain calm so my kids will be calm.  Ever notice how parents are the spearhead of emotions, and when one is cranky everyone else follows suit?    
With this in mind I am aiming for clean and tidy instead of perfection.    
I might post some of the kids drawings on the fridge, or maybe on a bulletin board.  I haven’t decided on that.  We need to make changes to Preston’s routine, so a bulletin board may be the way we go.
But other than getting a lock box for the medicine I think we are pretty much all set.  Keeping my fingers crossed and taking plenty of relaxing breathes. 

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