Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Homestudy Visit Done!

What a difference!  Compare to the first time I did this, this one a huge success.  I did warn our adoption practitioner that it would make for a crazy time, (just after school with my daycare kids) and it was, but the kids were good and happily decorating cupcakes while we toured the house with her. 

The only one glitch was hearing back from her that one of my friends still hadn't submitted the referral.  So I gave her another friend who is more than happy to do it for me.  I will add here make certain that your friends are willing to give you a good review/and be on time with submitting the referral. 

My emotions are drained, and my heart feels like it has been put through a wringer.  If the tables were turned I would not have done this to her.

*I've been debating about going into more depth with this, and decided that this isn't the time.  Just take my advice and be extremely selective about who you ask to do your referral.

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